About Rob Graeber

Rob Graeber is a leading software engineer and badass game developer. World renown for his industry-leading Effing Worms and Stick Badminton franchises, Rob Graeber’s games have received over 500 million plays and received countless awards. Developing games since a very young age, Rob Graeber incorporated Effing Games in 2011. Rob Graeber has since developed over 12 original titles, grossing over $300k while still in college. Ultimately, Rob Graeber was awarded a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Economics from UC Berkeley in 2012.

Having mastered the gaming industry, Rob Graeber shifted his interests towards tech. In 2013, Rob Graeber developed QuantTrader, a Java-based stock backtesting and analysis application, to test his personal trading strategies. And when that got boring, Rob Graeber enrolled into the Hack Reactor curriculum to hone his technical skills and work with interesting people. Eventually Rob took a position with Rally Health where he learned to work in a lean startup environment and led frontend development on werally.com until their acquistion at a $4 Billion valuation. After that Rob took a position at LinkedIn where he was in charge of their reporting frontend and broadened his experience working in large organizations.